I Help Solopreneurs—Like You—Bet on Themselves

Most people will be in the exact same place next year as they are today.Don’t be most people.If you're like me from 5 years ago, you've said to yourself
"Some day I'll bet on myself and start that business, or write that book"
But you haven't... and neither had I.I gave every excuse in the book, until I finally just decided to go for it.Since then I've:
- Started my own management consulting business
- Published 4 books
- Been a guest on over 60 podcasts
- Spoken at numerous events
- Launched 3 online courses and a newsletter
And if I can do it, so can you.Make your future self proud, solve for regret!

"Before I reached out to Dennis, I was struggling and ready to quit. He came along side and empathized because he'd walked through that same valley.His encouragement and guidance gave me confidence and equipped me with the right tools and, perhaps more importantly, the right mindset.Working with Dennis launched me on the right path with a brand, an offer, and a marketing strategy that helped me land my first consulting clients.If you're looking for someone with a rare combination of trustworthiness and business savvy, you don’t need to look any further."
- Mark Slatin, CEO - EmpoweredCX

Starting your own solopreneur business can be overwhelming and stressful

I can help you figure out the main things standing between you and the future you want:
- Nailing your niche
- Establishing credibility
- An effective marketing strategy
- Packaging and pricing your services
As a solopreneur, you launch your business faster and more effectively when you have a mentor guiding you.

Trust me — I know

I tried to go at it alone and made every mistake in the book before reaching out for help and finally cracking the code.

Let's work together to accelerate your learning, speed up your journey, and set yourself up for success.
1) Get Inspired!
- Grab a copy of my latest book, The Accidental Solopreneur
2) Start your own coaching or consulting business
- Grab a copy of my online course, The Solopreneur Playbook
3) Write that book!
- Grab a copy of my online course, The Author's Playbook
4) Work through your plans directly with me
- Book a 1:1 Coaching Call with me
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Check out my latest book The Accidental Solopreneur that's getting rave reviews from solopreneurs around the globe

Follow along in this parable as Alex Green goes through a bumpy journey of self reflection, making some major and well needed changes to his mindset and habits.

A burnt-out workaholic, Alex leaves the corporate world behind, eventually finding a roadmap for a fulfilling life as a solopreneur.

Use the tips, tactics, and learnings from Alex’s adventure to help give you a playbook for success in your own solopreneur journey.
"Part entrepreneurial playbook, part John Grisham page-turner."
- David Brier, Author of Brand Intervention



Learn the 6 critical steps I followed to start my own successful solopreneur consulting practice, Zero In.

You're an expert in what you coach, consult, or deliver for your clients, not in branding, marketing, and selling yourself.

Avoid all the costly mistakes I made and shave years off your path to success.
ONLY $75


Everything you need to write, publish, and sell a GREAT BOOK!

Save yourself hundreds of hours of frustration and thousands of wasted dollars. Learn all the strategies and tactics I used to self-publish two best-selling books.

Having a great book behind your name can do so many things for you:
✔️ Grow your credibility✔️ Unlock a new income stream✔️ Establish yourself as an expert✔️ Get discovered by new potential customers or clientsLet me be your guide and help you get that great book out of your head and into the world!ONLY $75


Work 1:1 directly with me in a tactical session.

We will review your solopreneur venture and discuss strategies and tactics to set you on the right path.

We can walk through:
- finding your niche
- establishing credibility
- building your network
- packaging and pricing your services
- writing / marketing a book
- creating an online course
- and so much more...

Receive a detailed step-by-step playbook designed specifically for you at the end of the call

Let's take the 'solo' out of solopreneur!
Calls are $350 for 60 minutes


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What People Are Saying
"Dennis walked me through everything I was doing, and gave me actionable advice to do it better.
He helped me to come up with a process to differentiate myself from the crowd.
I know by implementing his suggestions, I'll be well on my way to success."
Michael Cassidy, Founder of Active in Tech

“In just a one-hour session, Dennis provided great value to my start-up. He understood the model in a matter of minutes, asked relevant questions that helped me refine and develop my ideas, and provided actionable insights. This was an incredibly worthwhile hour.”
Nikki Blythe-Wood, Founder of Mukana Sustainable Development Ltd.
"Working with Dennis launched me on the right path with a brand, an offer, and a marketing strategy that helped me land my first consulting clients. If you're looking for someone with a rare combination of trustworthiness and business savvy, you don’t need to look any further."
Mark Slatin, CEO - EmpoweredCX

"I was struggling with my solopreneurship. But one hour with Dennis brought everything into focus. He helped me identify my strengths, hone my offer, and map out a clear path forward. It’s the most productive, eye-opening hour I’ve spent on my business to date. If you’re a solopreneur looking for direction, I highly recommend you get in touch with Dennis!"
Will Kersten, Copywriting and Messaging Freelancer

"After struggling to find my niche and get going as a solopreneur, my coaching call with Dennis was just what I needed. Dennis helped me find my niche and get clarity on my offering. On top of all that, I left our call with very clear action items I needed to take to get moving. No more wheels spinning. Less than 2 weeks later and I landed my first client. I’d highly recommend working with Dennis!"
Amanda Chandler, CRM and RevOps Expert

"Dennis was phenomenal. He shed light into weak areas in my current business strategy, and gave a clear road map that will help me reach my goals that much faster!"
Dani Deneau, Copywriter and Digital Marketing Specialist

"You helped to lay out an action plan and inspired me to keep going. The cool thing is, I know you have lived this and know what you're talking about.
All I can say is Thank-you Dennis!"
Daniel Burkholder, Founder of Your One Marketing Coach

"Dennis, you gave me great clarity. My move forward is mapped out from your ideas and suggestions today!
Thanks for being awesome…"
Mary D.


I spent over 20 years in various corporate leadership roles in several industries.
Until, at the age of 43, I found myself laid off for the first time in my life. Disgruntled and determined, I decided to bet on myself and become a solopreneur.

Since then, I have:
- Built a successful consulting practice, ZERO IN, helping businesses become more customer-centric and innovative
- Written 4 business books including the best seller, THE ZERO IN FORMULA
- Released an Online Course by the same name
- Built a network on LinkedIn of over 13K connections
- Been a guest on over 60 podcasts
- Spoken at numerous events, workshops, and conferences
- Completely redesigned my life

...And I just love helping others do it too!